Urban Outfitters’ Acai Baie

Acai Baie

Urban Outfitters isn’t one of my usual places to shop – I must be at least a decade past their target market. However, with a vinyl mad husband I recently found myself having a browse around while he checked out their record section.

Of course, I made a beeline for the store’s beauty section – a small curated collection of products from niche brands, which made for a fun browse.

In the market for a new perfume I was instantly seduced by a selection of fragrances – marketed as Gourmand EDP – that are exclusive to the retail giant. I’m a bit of a fragrance snob and tend to plump for the high-end brands – you get what you pay for, after all. But, these are pretty damn good and I ended up buying one.

There’s a choice of six fragrances, with corresponding hand creams, candles, body soufflés, and lip balms.

I was drawn to Acai Baie. It’s a fresh, fruity, floral fragrance and not too overpowering, with decent staying power. The bottle’s nothing to shout about, and it didn’t even come in a box, but I quite like the clean and simple font style – it gives it a chic edge.

Available in a 30 ml bottle only (which makes it handy to tote around with you) priced at $18.

Check it out here

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