RCMA offers the holy grail of foundations

RCMA makeup

If you’re considering a new foundation, consider RCMA – The Research Council of Makeup Artists. This is a boutique brand that is loved by professional makeup artists, but hasn’t quite made its mark on the mainstream market.

So, what makes hunting down RCMA worth the effort? Probably getting your hands on one of the best and most versatile foundations ever.

Established in 1963, RCMA’s Color Process Foundations have been in makeup artists’ cases for the best part of half a century. They have amazing staying power, are super blendable, and are ridiculously pigmented – so be prepared to use these differently to a standard foundation. Trust me though, it’s well worth the effort for an amazingly versatile product that can go from sheer to full coverage. Oh, and they are also formulated without perfume, mineral oil, or lanolin to boot.

For most people, you will likely be buying these online, but fret not. The foundations are reasonably priced and come in a range of options, from single to four pan; and up to a whopping 18 pan for pros working on multiple clients.

If you are ordering online, go for the 4 Color Kit or 5 Part Palettes – if some of the colours are too light or dark, you can use to highlight and contour, or blend for a skin-perfecting custom shade.

These are cream foundations. I’m not usually a fan of cream foundations as I find them drying on my skin and they tend to cake. RCMA’s Color Process Foundation aren’t anything like a regular cream foundation.

Here’s how to use them. RCMA’s foundations are super, super pigmented, so you can use it straight out of the pan to spot conceal. For light to medium coverage take a tiny bit of the foundation and blend with your favourite moisturizer. RCMA sell a Color Process Foundation Thinner, but I find moisturizer works just as well. For a full coverage I like to take a Beauty Blender and pick up the product straight from the pan.

RCMA’s foundation is designed to give a high-definition finish suitable for photography and video, but even full coverage it applies like a second skin and feels light enough for everyday wear. And, because it’s so richly pigmented a little goes a long, long way.

Learn more here

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