Fancy looking like a koala? SNP’s face masks have you covered

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Korean beauty products are all the rage right now and show no sign of abating.

One of my favourite Korean beauty items (besides cushion compacts) to hit the market are the sheet masks, which are simple and effortless to use. No messy creams, lotions, or potions, just take a pre-moistened mask out of its sachet, plop it on your face and allow it to work its magic.

For some reason, the marketing executives over in South Korea thought that printing animal faces on the sheet masks was the way to go. I’m not sure why…. they don’t seem to serve any purpose except to make you look even more silly when wearing a mask, but hey, that’s probably half the fun of them.

I recently purchased two from Ulta Beauty by Korean skincare brand SNP (Shining Nature Purity). I was with my 11-year-old step niece so thought it would be a bit of fun. She picked out the Animal Koala Hydrating Mask Sheet, (mostly because she thought the Koala was cute) while I opted for the Cat Wrinkle Face Art Mask Sheet (not because I wanted a picture of a cat on my face, but because of the promised anti-wrinkle effect).

Later that evening we both donned our masks and looked utterly ridiculous. The picture of the koala covered the entire face mask while the picture of the cat was just sufficient to cover my mouth. I felt like I had a raw deal in the novelty picture area!

We both donned the masks for the allotted 10 minutes. Alas, those pesky lines didn’t magically disappear, but my skin did feel hydrated, plumper, and had a pretty good glow to it. My step niece loved it too and said her skin felt great.

Worth $5? Definitely, if only for a bit a giggle.

Find them at

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