Thesis cleansers are divine

Thesis foaming cleanser.png

I’m always on the hunt for niche brands, especially ones that don’t pump their products full of chemicals. My most recent discovery is Thesis.

Thesis is an American based brand that’s as clean and pure as you can get with a long list of green credentials – cruelty free, vegan, no synthetics, no disruptive chemicals such as parabens and SLS, organic, ethically made……you get the picture.

On a recent shopping spree, I picked up two products by Thesis – the Gentle & Hydrating Makeup Remover and the Balancing Face Wash. Hands down these are the best cleansers I have used in a long time. And, trust me, I’ve used tons……

The Makeup Remover is an oil based cleanser with a delicious rosemary and citrus scent. It’s packed with a host of skin-loving essential oils such as jojoba, sweet orange, apricot, and sunflower. I normally shy away from oil based cleansers, because they often leave my skin feeling greasy. This one, I’m pleased to say, doesn’t.

The directions say to add a couple of drops of the cleanser to a moistened face cloth or cotton pad and gently apply to the skin, but I prefer to use my fingers to gently massage the oil into my skin, then use a clean wash cloth to remove. A tiny bit goes a long way and it has a wonderfully luxurious feel and leaves skin feeling nourished.

I then follow up with the Balancing Face Wash, a super gentle foaming cleanser that makes my skin feel squeaky clean. I find the oil on its own removes most of my makeup, but not stubborn mascara. The face wash removes everything, and, when I come to repurchase will likely just get this product. The oil cleanser does feel super luxurious and nourishing on the skin, but it isn’t essential. Once again, a tiny bit goes a long way. I estimate I’ll get at least four months use from both of these products, and that’s using them both twice a day, making the $19.95 price tag well worth it.

Check out the brand at

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