Too Faced’s Unicorn Survival Kit offers mystical magic for the holidays

Too Faced Unicorn

Just when you thought the unicorn trend might disappear into obscurity Too Faced has released its Unicorn Survival Kit, ideal if you’re still digging all things unicorn.

The kit features a curated collection of some of its most popular unicorn-inspired makeup items, including a deluxe size of the brand’s best-selling Unicorn Tears La Crème Lipstick (the cult favourite that started the unicorn trend), Unicorn Tears Melted Latex Lipstick, and a powder highlighter embossed with a picture of, you guessed it, a unicorn. And, let’s not forget the limited-edition makeup bag, emblazoned with the picture of a unicorn on it, to tote it all around in.

The lipstick drenches lips in a cool pink-to-mauve colour with an iridescent shimmer, while the latex lipstick offers the same but in a seriously glossy formula. The highlighter is a blue-to-pink colour, which gives a magical pop of shimmer to cheeks.

Featuring all things glitter and pastel, unicorn mania hit the beauty world earlier this year, and has seemingly touched almost everything in its wake. Even Starbucks got in on the trend with a Unicorn Frappuccino.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of novelty makeup, but seriously, how often are you going to incorporate iridescent blues and pinks into your day-to-day makeup? Perhaps I’m just getting old. Having said that, this kit is kind of cute – perfect to gift to youngsters, or those young at heart, and for a little bit of holiday magic.

The kit is priced at US $26 available now in the US, and in the UK from November.

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