Beauty Blender; forget all dupes

Beauty blender and cleanser

Sometimes there’s just no room for dupes. Beauty Blender is a case in point. I get it, paying over $20 for a sponge kind of hurts, but when you add it all up, investing in a Beauty Blender is totally worth it.

I’ve gone through a ton of Beauty Blender dupes, and they’ve all ended up in the bin.

I never understood the hype around the Beauty Blender until I finally forked out for one. And, now there’s no turning back. This pink little egg-shaped sponge creates the most flawless, professional airbrushed finish.

There’s a few key tips to ensure flawless application.

Firstly; use it wet. Yes, it seems counter intuitive to put your makeup on with a wet sponge, but trust me, if you don’t use it wet you’ll get through an entire bottle of foundation in one go. When wet it expands to about twice its original size and doesn’t pick up excess product. Run under clean water, give it a gentle squeeze and you’re good to go. Don’t fret if pink dye runs out of the sponge during the first few uses – totally normal.

Two; don’t drag the sponge over your face like you would a traditional makeup sponge. Gently pat at or bounce the Beauty Blender. I tend to dot my foundation over the areas I need coverage then lightly bounce the Beauty Blender over.

Three; use your Beauty Blender to apply concealer and cream based blush. Use the large rounded base for large areas, the small tip for precision work.

Four; wash your Beauty Blender after every use. Beauty Blender stocks a Blender Cleanser in a liquid and solid form which has the most amazing smell. You can use it for brushes too. However, I wash mine with my regular facial cleanser. Washing it every day will prevent spreading germs on your face, and help prolong the life of the sponge. I tend to get up to four to six months use, used daily.

Finally; you will fall in love with this product, so invest in a Beauty Blender kit. There’s a wide variety, including packs of sponges which work out cheaper than buying individual sponges.

Learn more here

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