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Joanna Lewis / Lipstick and Gloss

I’m a Brit born and raised, a published journalist, magazine and newspaper editor. I’m also a makeup and skincare addict.

Ever since I was in my late teens I’ve had a passion for beauty. One of my first jobs was as a beauty consultant on counter in department stores. I worked for an agency, which meant I provided cover when consultants were on holiday or called in sick. I worked for pretty much every single big beauty brand, from Guerlain to Chanel, Origins to Clinique, and everything in-between. I lived and breathed beauty, and I haven’t stopped since.

Working as a beauty consultant helped to finance my university days, and I graduated with a degree in journalism. During my time as a journalist and editor I’ve written beauty columns and articles, but, my job role has never allowed it to be my true focus. Hence the launch of Lipstick and Gloss, a place where I can combine my passion for writing and beauty all in one place.

I’m always hunting down the perfect foundation, the must-have eye shadow or lip-gloss, or that skin-changing moisturizer or serum that’s going to reverse the years (alas, the search continues).

I make a beeline for cosmetic counters, whether I’m in a high-end department store or a bargain basement discount shop. I love discovering new brands and products.

On Lipstick and Gloss I feature products that I have used and loved, new product finds, along with honest reviews. And, while I review what’s new to market, I also feature those tried and tested classics too.

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